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The chemists and healthcare professionals at Meta Labs are here to support, guide, and provide our customers with high quality, all-natural products at the best price available.

In recent years, the economy has required many to change life styles …perhaps foregoing physician driven healthcare and pharmaceutical prescriptions. However, their medication requirements and desire for good health have not diminished. Therefore, the switch to nutraceuticals, “natural medications”, is no longer a trend but a legitimate economic medical alternative for many.

Please read the education articles found in our website's Trends section, search though our Herbal Reference Guide for the description of herbs and their functions, find herbal solutions to common ailments in the Therapeutic Cross Reference , and please feel free to contact us with questions through Ask Our Experts.

For almost 30 years, Meta Labs has served the international community as a manufacturer and distributor of nutraceutical products, vitamin supplements, and a wide variety of private label products.

Under our private label, we produce many special and unique formulas including a comprehensive assortment of adult enhancements, stimulant gels, creams, and raw formulas for capsulation.

Meta Labs' products are laboratory tested and retested. You can feel assured that stringent standards for product quality, purity, potency, and freshness are performed on each and every product.

In addition, our lab provides nutritional values and a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product to certify that no artificial coloring, un-natural flavorings, or preservatives have been utilized.

Our goal is to establish a dependable, customer focused foundation for all your supplement needs.

We are proud to provide products made with the most natural, purest, and highest quality ingredients available and pledge our commitment to continuous research and development to ensure our partnership in maintaining an ongoing competitive edge for our customers.

Sam Khayat, Owner and President of Meta Labs, LLC, has a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Chemistry and a Master of Science in Toxicology. Sam's educational background combined with his almost 30 years of experience researching and developing nutritional and herbal supplements makes for the visionary leadership necessary for a company that aspires to achieve implementation of best practice standards, superb customer service, and profitability.